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Andrew Osta’s Shamans and Healers is a unique travel memoir by a young artist who left everything to study with a shaman in the jungles of Peru. Writing the book was part of his travel plans – extensive notes of every interesting event, revelation, and conversation were written down daily and later transferred onto a computer to form the book’s manuscript. The result is a uniquely organic work, which develops in unpredictable ways.

Throughout the book, photographs and real names have been used in order to present the truth in the most clear and straightforward manner. It is no secret that ayahuasca tourism in the Amazon has got a dark side, and that many shamans use their power and knowledge to manipulate and abuse their visitors. Andrew Osta believes that spiritual seekers and adventurers deserve to know about dishonest and unethical practices within Amazonian Shamanism. The author took a bold and courageous step when he shared the details of his story with the world and spoke out against corrupt and dishonest maestros. Do not miss the chance to read this exciting and thought provoking account of 12 months of living and studying with shamans and spiritual healers in Peru and Mexico.



What the Readers Say

I recommend anyone who is interested in Peruvian shamanism to read this book. Mr. Osta gives a firsthand account of his travels in Peru and the time spent with traditional healers. You feel like you get to know him on a personal level because of his candid writing style. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who’s considering traveling to Peru in search of traditional healing.

This book is a must read by anyone who has been in the Amazon with Shamans or who is going there. The account is the most honest and truthful written by anyone I have read. First of all, he shed’s light on his own experience in a clear and lucid way. Without realizing it, I saw that he has covered many issues that arise for many westerners who travel to Iquitos , without any form of judgement and at a guess, maybe Peruvians too!

The style of writing is so easy to read, adventurous and flowing like the Amazon itself! If one could say, that this book is meant to be written, I would say that. If one could say, suspend all judgement and read this, not in any way as a determent to Shamanic exploration but as a genuine story of a person searching for happiness and peace, then Read On! Prepare to be Surprised! Although I mention Peru, Andrew travels on to Mexico, where the same intense and luminous quality is present in his findings there. Its also a modern day Love Story, a Love story that will also break the mould of Modern times, shedding Light to the paradox of relationships today. Although the final chapter will undoubtedly rock the boat for many, he gives details of how to put his findings into practice! A fantastic Book read front to back in record time!

“This is one of those books that anyone with the slightest interest in Shamanism or the New Age Movement should read”

“May just turn your world upside down!”

“Fizzes with intense experience laid out in a clear & direct manner page after page”

“A complementary work to that of other authors who have won fame and prestige writing on similar themes.”

“Helped guide me back to the path. I feel so strange and silly, I didn’t have any clue that the story would go to my heart the way it did. God is truly working through [Andrew Osta] and never stopped working through me.”

“It brought up so many questions for me, and it was jam packed with philosophical truths.”

“Andrew, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your book and my girlfriend did too. Writing something like that is not easy and you should be proud of it.”

“I just finished reading the book. I enjoyed it all the way through.”

“Your search and journey are so relevant to today as people are hungry for real but do not know where to find it. I thank God that you were given eyes to see and ears to hear.”